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Hello world!

Hello World.  Welcome to my blog.

My goal here is post my inane thoughts on the nature of truth and reality for all to enjoy and flame, and to discuss philosophy with all interested parties.  Although I am an atheist, all points of view are welcome for discussion.

My formal training in philosophy consists of having read Philosophy for Dummies (actually, an excellent survey), but I am generally more inclined to chuck it all, and start the discussion from zero.

I have a background in Mathematics and Physics.  I am very interested in neuroscience, cognition, consciousness and AI.  I work as an Information System Architect for a large corporation (senior-level IT geek).

Please feel free to comment on anything that trips your trigger.  In general, I have no issues with strong language, but have my limits:

  • Thoughtful arguments and/or strong convictions are welcome – as long as you can take a courteous but honest response 🙂
  • Thoughtful arguments and/or strong convictions that include derogatory language will probably remain posted, but may be edited (bleeped out)
  • Comments containing derogatory language that is not set within a higher context of intellectual purpose (e.g., hate speech) will be deleted

As this is my blog, I am judge and jury.